Anchor Links Take Adword Design Up a Notch

Google can either be the greatest enemy or the greatest asset. Any company that tried to cheat the system or shortcut Google’s SEO code likely found a pretty imposing email and a huge penalty waiting. This penalty came in the form of a reduction in their SEO rank, pushing their content from page 1 to page 25, and soon into the obscure stratosphere of the web.

It is established that Google can seriously hurt a developing brand or help it considerably. Professional online marketing resources will help to provide a fully fleshed out SEO campaign to help grow the brand. But some of the below Adwords tips will likely offer some insight into what SEO means in regards to Google, and how an Adword could be totally useful if set up wrong.

Making Content Appealing with Anchor Links

An entire mini book could be written about this area of SEO development and online traffic. For now, it is worth understanding what it is. When looking at an ad in Google, there is usually the main headline followed by a small green link of the content. This is all fine and well, but it makes the content look essentially identical to any others, and is relying completely on the headline and the keyword to pull clicks. An anchor link is fuller. It adds content usually below the headline and giving it broader appeal to visitors.


Examples of Anchor Links

Anchor links are mini-headlines that fall below the main headline. It organizes a list of possible taglines for visitors to click on. For example, an ad may be about insurance. The anchor links could be as follows:

Get a quote now
Talk to a live agent
Get special deals on new policies

Each of these caters to a slightly different need. It can also encourage more clickthroughs as users not only see what the product or service is about but they see their particular need. This is essential, because marketing is ultimately all about fulfilling needs. These are also known as call to actions. It is prompting a visitor to take action towards something specific. It is taking that extra step because it is listing their exact need (potentially), which is the heart of marketing.

There is a dramatic difference between what is traditional and what is unique in Adwords. Most seo tips focus on doing what is proven, but rarely going above and beyond. That is what is needed to differentiate the content and make it look superior to competitors.

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